We believe that all colleagues should be given the opportunity to learn and grow at work, and we are pleased to have a culture that fosters and empowers that growth.

The Talent, Leadership, and Culture team have developed a wide range of materials to help you do this, including workshops and online resources created to stretch you and develop your skills.

MPS also supports the development of professional qualifications where appropriate.

All new starters are made to feel welcome – we have a dedicated induction journey that covers your first 100 days with MPS.

For anyone joining our call centre, you will undergo a comprehensive training course to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to provide world-class service to our members.

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Leadership behaviours

“Leadership Behaviours” is the new name for our Leadership Framework. It is used to inform development activities and personal development plans, talent discussions, and recruitment. It is also aligned to our leadership development programmes. 

The framework was renamed to reflect some changes that have been made to ensure that it aligns with both the refreshed MADE Values and the desired culture. It continues to be a tool for personal development, rather than performance management, and provides a clear set of behavioural expectations for all colleagues.


Here is some more information about the different parts of the framework and why they are important to MPS.

icon-fresh-thinkingFresh thinking Find out more

What it means: To contribute new and original ideas, insight and solutions. To come up with ways to give the membership more, helping us to continue to be by their side far into the future.

Why it matters: Fresh thinking is at the heart of retaining a competitive edge. It supports a culture where we all consistently look to grow, learn and improve.

icon-building-capabilityBuilding capability in self and others Find out more

What it means: To develop yourself and others, being prepared to support the needs of both MPS and the membership for the future. To create a positive climate where we can all continuously improve

Why it matters: Building capability means we can all perform at our best, helping us succeed, even as needs and demands change.

icon-influencing-othersInfluencing others Find out more

What it means: To positively influence colleagues, and people outside the business, overcoming challenges and gaining support to benefit our members and MPS.

Why it matters: We must be able to influence, collaborate and adapt so that ours is a culture where we work well together, where we are able to deliver the results we need for the benefit of the organisation.

icon-collaboratingCollaborating with others Find out more

What it means: To work with people across the organisation, building productive relationships that achieve the best outcomes for MPS and our membership.

Why it matters: The diverse skills, experience and viewpoints of our colleagues is one of our greatest strengths. Collaboration is essential in preventing isolated working and a blame culture. We can achieve so much more together than we could do alone.

icon-leading-self-othersLeading self and others Find out more

What it means: To take ownership for your own behaviours and the impact they have on others, achieving success by empowering others to do the same.

Why it matters: Taking responsibility for yourself and others is essential to being successful in difficult and uncertain times. It allows us to deliver on our commitments to colleagues and the membership, providing an excellent member experience.

icon-leading-self-othersCommercial and risk thinking Find out more

What it means: To have a commercial, financial and sustainable mindset that ensures all activities and services deliver value to the membership, sustainable growth and financial security.

Why it matters: Commercial and risk thinking maintains a long-term economic focus in all activities. It allows us to picture alternative scenarios, enabling us to respond to unpredictable changes ahead of our competitors.

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