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Flexible membership around your placement

We understand that there may be unexpected changes in your training structure, which is why we can be flexible with your membership and make allowances to help you. For instance, the types of placements you carry out and the duration they last may change, which will affect the subscription rate you pay, so we structure our GP trainee membership into the following:

  • 12 component parts
  • Part-time and full-time training
  • General practice placements
  • Hospital placements

So, should your situation change during the year, we can adjust your record and subscription rates to reflect this - you may even receive a refund if the changes lower your annual subscription rates.

Payment and Reimbursement

Once you are working in a general practice setting, your subscription rate will seem significantly greater than your foundation years. As this can be a large amount to pay in one go, you can spread these costs throughout the year by breaking it down to ten monthly instalments, at no extra costs.

You can also apply to your employer or local education and training board for the reimbursement of subscriptions paid for any given 12 month period. This means that you, personally, will not have to pay more than the hospital rate for your full year's subscription with Medical Protection whilst training to become a GP.

We can provide you with the evidence you need in order to seek your reimbursement – if you haven’t already received a confirmation letter from us, please contact our Membership Team.

Keep us informed

To ensure you’re protected for your personal circumstances, it’s essential you keep us updated and inform us of any changes.

So, if you need to let us know about any changes, or are unsure whether you are paying the correct subscription, contact our Membership Team on 0800 561 9000. 

For more about how your region and working circumstance affect your membership, please see below.

GP training in England and Northern Ireland - Working in a hospital setting

Whilst you are working in a hospital setting, NHS indemnity is there to protect you from the financial consequences of claims for clinical negligence. Because of this, we are able to offer a lower subscription rate to you while working in a public hospital setting. You will also get access to assistance with other problems you may encounter that NHS indemnity does not cover, such as:

  • GMC inquiries
  • Police investigations related to clinical practice
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Complaints
  • Appearing at a coroner's inquest.

GP training in England and Northern Ireland - Working in a practice setting

NHS indemnity does not cover the cost of claims for those doctors working in general practice, therefore you will notice an increase in your subscription rate. The subscription you pay Medical Protection needs to include a provision for the right to request  indemnity for clinical negligence claims as well as all the other support and advice services we offer to you during your training and beyond.

You will be able to use access all benefits of Medical Protection membership, and if the worst should happen, you will be also have access to legal support and advice, even if the case doesn’t come to light for years to come.

GP Training in Scotland and Wales

If you are a GP trainee member of Medical Protection and training in Scotland or Wales you do not need to pay an increased subscription rate to Medical Protection for the GP component of your training, as this will be covered by CNORIS (Scotland) or NWSSP (Wales).

You will only need to pay the rate of £48 for one year’s membership, whether you are working in GP or a hospital setting. 

This membership rate offers access to assistance with other problems you may encounter which is not covered by your arrangement with CNORIS or NWSSP, including:

  • GMC inquiries
  • Police investigations related to clinical practice
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Complaints
  • Fatal accident inquiries

You can still enjoy all the benefits of Medical Protection membership, such as exam support, discounted books, publications and our medicolegal advice service, open to urgent queries, whenever you may need us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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